Terms of Service

Updated: 03-02-2022

Please read carefully before requesting a commission.

All terms of service are subject to change. By requesting a commission you indicate that you agree to be bound by these terms if accepted.


Once accepted for a commission slot you will be expected to pay a NON-REFUNDABLE down payment of 40% of the full quote within 14 days. Monthly payments after this will be due on the same day each month and will be highlighted at the time of commissioning, normally the 15th of each month unless another date is more suitable.

Payments can be made in full or with a deposit plus 5 monthly payments. Monthly payments MUST meet the minimum required payment which is determined by the remaining amount after the deposit has been subtracted.

Late payments beyond a week incur a 10% charge (if your payment was £400 it will then be £440). Any payments that are late beyond a month will result in the commission being cancelled and any payments made beyond the deposit will be refunded.

Full payment is due before any work begins. Suits are worked on in a batch in no particular order. This promotes good workflow and faster overall queue times.

Bank transfer is preferred. Stripe payments by card can also be arranged. Sorry, Paypal will not be accepted.

You must be at least 18 years of age before requesting a commission. By requesting a commission you are stating that you are 18 or over, proof may be requested if there is any question. Any person found to be under 18 after anything has been agreed or payments made will have their commission voided and work will end.

All payments are invoiced using Great British Pounds, no exceptions.


Shipping costs are not included and will be the responsibility of the client. Charred Fursuits has the right to select shipping methods and couriers and is not responsible for lost or damaged products due to shipping. This will be calculated when the project is complete.


A proper reference sheet is vital to complete your character. This requires a 2-3 view reference to get an accurate quote. Charred Fursuits will require some degree of artistic liberty as an exact copy of art is not entirely possible. Including but not limited to markings, fur colors, and other fabric colors and materials. A generic reference sheet can be made using free linart and base colored by me for an additional £20.


Design changes can only be made prior to the deposit having been paid. Make sure you are 100% satisfied with your design before this time. Any changes can incur a fee if it requires the purchasing of additional materials.


Full suits require a Duct Tape Dummy to start construction. A measurement form is also required to ensure correct sizing accuracy.


Completion time cannot be quoted or guaranteed. Charred Fursuits cannot take convention or furmeet deadlines. (I do like to set my own deadlines as I like to have suits finished for certain events if a client will be attending, I just cannot guarantee that these will happen.) To give the best quality there cannot be a set time frame put on work. Real life happenings and injuries are not something that can be planned for.

~Works in Progress

Work in progress photos will be posted at regular intervals on Telegram and Twitter. Also, Trello has a checklist with each piece being ticked off as they are finished. This will give an idea of the timeframe as work is done. Charred fursuits will post completion photos on social media for the duration of work.


Communication is key in making you a suit you love! This begins with fur and fabric colors/types being discussed. There will be a lot of communication needed at the beginning of taking on a project and then won’t be required again until active work starts on your project. Lack of responses from the client can result in work being delayed.

If lack of responses or poor communications from a client causes large delays in making their suit, the following may happen:

– The client’s project will be marked complete and any unfinished work may be subject to partial refund to the client calculated by hours allocated but not worked minus material and storage costs due to delays.

– The client will be offered the chance to have the project completed but may have to pay an additional amount to match the higher quality of work and pay per hour compared to when the suit should have been finished if there were little to no delays from the client.


Defects in material and construction can be repaired at no cost up to 3 months after the suit has been completed. Shipping will be the customer’s responsibility. Repairs can be made at conventions or furmeets as long as they are arranged ahead of time. Large repairs not due to the construction of the project and normal wear and tear are not included and will incur a fee. Any alterations to the suit not done by Charred Fursuits will void this warranty.


Anything agreed upon by both parties in writing, including email, is a binding contract. By accepting a commission from Charred Fursuits, you agree that you have read and fully understood all terms of service. Charred Fursuits stores digital copies of all communication for our records, and advise you to do the same.