Charred Fursuits

Welcome to Charred Fursuits!

Charred Fursuits specialises in comfortable and easy to wear fursuits!

I came into this fandom having already made my own suit and enjoyed performing so much that I wanted others to have what I had. I do not make show pieces, these suits are made to last.

About Me

Hi! I’m Cub and I’ve been making fursuits full time since 2017. I work on my own and try to manufacture everything that goes into my suits. This includes 3D modelling and printing, silicone molding, resin casting, clay modelling, and making my own patterns for things such as hand paws, feet paws, and digigrade padding. There are a lot of different types of work involved and I love it all!

I’m a full time freelancer which includes my fursuit making and admin work. I do admin work as well as shipping/handling work for Blue Dragon Artwork. This is Danza Dragon’s company, he has also been my amazing partner since 2018!

Cub v1 2016 – Cub v2 2018 – Cub v3 2023