Fursuit Care

This is the care sheet given for a full digigrade suit

What to wear with your fursuit:

  • Lycra balaclava make sure it is one that helps you feel cool
  • A pair of lycra gloves, makes it easier to put your hand paws back on after wearing for a while
  • Under Armor Heat Gear or equivalent, long sleeve top and bottoms
  • Make sure to charge your power bank for your fan! The power bank lasts for quite a few hours since the fan uses such a small amount of power.

How to put on your fursuit:

  • Put on your under armor, balaclava and lycra gloves if you have them.
  1. Start by putting the digi padding into the pockets in the bodysuit and putting your legs through watching out to not put your feet into the pockets, reaching through the end of the leg with your hand and guiding your foot through helps
  1. Next put the belt through your tail, then the belt through the hole in the suit near the back zipper and tighten the belt as much as comfortable.
  1. If you have a back zipper attach a lanyard to your zipper to aid in zipping up unless you have someone with you to zip. Pull your arms through and carefully pull the zipper up trying to keep fur from getting caught.
  1. Put on your feet paws, the one with the tag will be for your right foot. Pull the leg fur over the foot ankles.
  1. Make sure you’ve put your battery bank in and have plugged in the fan. Prepare your hand paws for putting on by setting them out. Put your head on and then hand paws. You will need to have a friend tuck the end of the hand paws under the arm sleeves.
  1. You’re ready to suit!

Recommended Cleaning supplies:

  • Laundry soap for synthetic fabric
  • Alcohol cleaning spray (fursuit spray or 50/50 alcohol/water solution)
  • Large fan
  • Laundry drying rack
  • Slicker brush (pet brush)

Cleaning instructions:

  • Bodysuit – When turned inside out can be machine washed on a cold (no higher than 30C), delicate setting. Use an unscented laundry soap and low spin cycle (600-800). Air dry only, using a fan to speed up the process. Do NOT hang on a hanger, use a drying rack to lay out, this will prevent the neck/shoulders stretching. Do NOT use the dryer or any heat settings as this can damage the fur. Brush the fur after it is fully dry to bring it back to life!
  • Tail – Open the zipper and remove the polyfil, turn inside out and wash/dry the same as the bodysuit.
  • Hand paws and feet paws – Hand wash only in the tub using a delicate unscented laundry soap and cool water, can be spun in the washer on the lowest spin cycle to wring out excess water and then laid out to dry. Highly recommend a fan for these items as the polyfil will take longer to dry.
  • Head- Spot clean only, using a damp washcloth and a small amount of laundry soap inside and out being careful of getting the eyes or fan wet. Make sure to get all the soap off with the damp washcloth!

Between washes you can use a 50/50 alcohol to water solution to spray the inside of your suit, especially the head, after use. You do not need to wash the whole suit after every use. I typically spray after a short use or during a convention and do a full wash before and after a convention. Nothing like a fresh suit for a convention!

Always brush your suit! Brush before every use and after washing!